ASARCO/Leadville Superfund Site

Community Engagement/Issues Management

Leadville, Colorado

Project Overview

Asarco’s historic mining operations in Leadville, Colo. are located in the California Gulch Superfund site. Asarco is responsible for working with the EPA and the state of Colorado to develop and implement cleanup plans for areas know as Operable Units (OU).  Our client was responsible for three OUs involving the cleanup of residential soils, former mining waste, smelter sites and river restoration work. Sigler Communications was hired to manage communications associated with residential soil remediation.

Sigler Communications' Role

Our firm managed communications for the company’s Superfund activities in Leadville, including writing and producing a quarterly newsletter, managing media relations, as well as developing a comprehensive community relations and public involvement plan. Our communications strategy addressed the pro-mining stance of the community and the EPA’s charge to proceed with the cleanup.


Remediation obligations under CERCLA were fulfilled and the company maintained a positive working relationship with regulators, elected officials, community leaders and residents. The company’s ongoing communications efforts helped position it as a key part of the solution to the issues in Leadville.