Catholic Health Initiatives

Corporate Positioning


Project Overview

Catholic Health Initiatives, a system of more than 65 hospitals nationwide, sought to embark on a system-wide communications program to educate its 66,000 employees about centralized information technologies initiatives. The company sought our firm’s counsel to create a unified brand, messaging platform and identity for the most significant information technology initiative in the company’s history.

Sigler Communications' Role

Our firm began by identifying potential issues and barriers to the initiative’s successful implementation through research and by consulting with those affected by the implementation: from hospital executive teams to end users. We developed communications plans and strategies to help roll out the new technology business solutions in a logical and appealing manner.

The plans outlined target audiences, key messages, communications strategies, tools and techniques, and program measurement. We developed a name, brand and identity for the project, called CHI Connect. The branding and graphic design provide a memorable, professional and high quality look on all communications and helped visually communicate the main purpose behind the initiative.


Using multiple communications forums—ranging from national conferences to hospital staff meetings, demonstrations to electronic newsletters and training sessions—the first wave of hospitals was ready for installation. At each hospital, CHI Connect is being implemented in phases to give it 12-18 months to learn about, prepare for and train users. The ongoing communication and preparation was critical to building not only awareness, but also acceptance of the complex technology. Thanks to the program’s extensive branding and promotional campaign, users across the system have successfully embraced the new system.