Christian Living Communities/Cappella Living Solutions

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Colorado Market

Project Overview

Sigler Communications has been Christian Living Communities’ (CLC) public relations and marketing firm for 11 years. CLC is a Colorado-based senior living and care provider and has been caring for seniors since 1972. It owns and operates three Front Range retirement communities – Holly Creek, Clermont Park and Someren Glen. Its sister company, Cappella Living Solutions manages retirement communities in Denver, Aurora, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction, Colorado.

CLC is a local nonprofit that is competing against large, national for profit systems. We were retained to market and publicize new communities being built by CLC and to publicize and distinguish all CLC communities from their competitors, with the end goal of bringing new residents into all of their communities.

Sigler Communications' Role

We have used a very proactive media relations campaign featuring their residents and the innovative programs in each community. We helped rebrand each community with new logos and taglines to bring a contemporary feel to the communities.

We also looked for strategic community partnerships with local schools and service organizations so that residents wanting to perform public service had various options to choose. Partnerships Sigler helped build for CLC communities include: three local elementary schools for pen pals programs; Denver South High School; the University of Denver’s Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging; the American Red Cross and Toys for God’s Kids.

Last, we developed and launched advertising campaigns that differentiated CLC from competitors. The retirement industry is known for all advertisements, no matter the provider, to look the same. We helped CLC break through the stagnant morass of advertisements by using of images and language usually not associated with retirement homes.


Direct Mail Campaigns

Articles featured in various periodicals


Logos & Brand Guidelines


Through integrated marketing/advertising and media relations campaigns, we have helped CLC’s communities retain a 98.8 to 100 percent occupancy rate – well above the industry norm. To date, media relations have provided more than a half a million dollars in advertising equivalent through media relations. The partnerships we helped establish allows residents public service volunteer opportunities and the ongoing generation of multiple television and newspaper stories annually.