Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Opinion Research/Issues Management

Denver, Colo.

Project Overview

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District was interested in assessing community attitudes and opinions regarding the disposal of biosolids at its farm located in a rural farming community located east of Denver. The evaluation was to be used to plan future communications and engagement activities.

Sigler Communications' Role

Sigler Communications has worked with Metro Wastewater since the late 1990s to conduct public opinion research, and provide communications and engagement strategies to help diffuse negative public opinion regarding its MetroGro biosolids operation. Our firm conducted in-person interviews with key stakeholders two consecutive years to assess public opinion about biosolids use and disposal, and developed associated response strategies.


The results of the baseline survey conducted found there was still a considerable level of distrust concerning Metro’s farm property, and that the company was not communicating effectively or frequently. Resulting from significant public involvement and communications outreach, by comparison, a subsequent survey conducted in 2006 with some of the original respondents and newly elected officials found that despite some continuing feelings of distrust, there were marked improvements in communications and engagement programs as result of the input gathered.