Environmental Issues

Known as one of the premier environmental communications firms in the region, Sigler Communications has successfully managed community relations, public involvement and media relations for dozens of environmental sites including some of the largest and most complex Superfund and RCRA sites in the country. Our team’s knowledge of the regulatory arena and common community concerns and issues helps you navigate environmental issues pertaining to permitting/siting, operations and remediation/cleanup.

We are team players. We work with environmental engineering firms, attorneys, regulators and others to provide the imperative communications for this process.

Our strategies address health concerns, property value impacts, land reuse and other issues specific to environmental sites. We are skilled risk communicators and experts in translating highly technical concepts to general, multi-ethnic audiences.

Experience In:
  • Water contamination/groundwater plumes
  • Vapor intrusion – indoor air testing
  • Hazardous waste cleanup sites (Superfund and RCRA)
  • Brownfields/land use/reuse
  • Health studies
  • Asbestos cleanup/abatement
  • Lead cleanup/abatement
  • Air issues (Clean Air Act, Title V)
  • Mine siting, educational programs and environmental cleanups
  • Nuclear waste disposal and cleanup
  • Product health and safety issues
Case Study: United Technologies Corporation

Crisis Management/Public Involvement