Water Expertise


Our experience in water runs deep. We are well versed in water issues and have helped our clients achieve success in permitting, planning, financing and building some of the largest water infrastructure projects in the country. We can assist you in communicating the importance of water and water infrastructure, how water is priced, and the critical need for conservation and protection.

We help water utilities and districts meet their customers’ needs by advancing water projects against in some cases insurmountable odds. We chart the strategic communications path and then use stakeholder engagement, coalition building and strategic communications to get to the finish line.

We are also experienced educating the public on the value, scarcity and importance of water.

We successfully launched the first and only statewide public education campaign in Colorado on the value of water. This award-winning campaign educates the public on the need to conserve water, care for water quality and commit to becoming more informed to engage on water issues. We have worked with the green industry for more than two decades to help them educate the public on wise water use in landscapes.

Sigler Communications has considerable expertise in helping our clients navigate water contamination issues. From emerging contaminants in drinking water to working on more than 40 groundwater contamination sites nationwide, we have developed proven risk communications programs to successfully manage these issues.

Experience in:
  • Water project permitting support
  • Water infrastructure siting
  • Water project cost and water rate communications
  • Water project construction communications
  • Water conservation public education campaigns
  • Water quality public education campaigns
  • Water utility/provider branding, positioning and communications
  • Water quality/stormwater education
  • Public involvement on water resource plans
  • Water contamination/crisis communications (VOCs, PFCs, lead)
Case Study: Northern Colorado Conservancy District, NISP

Permitting Communications / Stakeholder Outreach