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Ann Ragsdale

Public Affairs/Community Relations Counselor


Ann Ragsdale is a former state legislator and community advocate in the north metro Denver area.  She was elected to the Colorado State House of Representatives, for four terms as a member on Local Government, Transportation and Energy and Vice Chair of the State Affairs Committee, also as legislative Interim member of the Fire and Police Pension Association, Committee on State Records, Transportation Legislative Review Committee which included meeting local officials and citizens discussing transportation and energy needs of their community.

Ann has expertise in community relations and public involvement and has leveraged her extensive network of contacts to benefit our clients. She is adept at determining how best to engage, inform and influence key stakeholder groups.  She brings the public’s perspective to the table and develops strategic approaches that create a win-win solution to complex problems.

  • Community involvement and public involvement
  • Public affairs, former state legislator
  • Media relations
  • Coalition building
  • Property owner outreach
  • Advocacy


Career Highlights
  • Served as Colorado State Representative maximum four terms
  • Former Advertising Manager Westminster Journal
  • TV “Partners in Progress” Host, writer, talent development
  • Community representative on Metro Wastewater District Board, Westminster High School Advisory Board, Victim Compensation Board, Adams County Library Pres. and member, Alliance of Retired Americans.
  • Chairman of County Democratic Party, member County, Congressional, State and Judicial Party Central and Executive Committees.